Light, on-the-go, practical!

Our SPA TIME range is an invitation to take care of yourself. Discover our range of products to take care of both skin and hair. Unique textures: mud, gel, fabric, patch for a new care that provides the same effect as an institute care. Our products are easy to use, easy to carry, their format makes it possible to take them everywhere with you!

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Face masks

The classic facial masks range is easy to transport and responds to the problems of every type of skin.
Classic masks give you perfect skin in 12 minutes.

Spa masks & Patches

Our range of patches and masks fabrics was created in Korea, expert in this field.
Our range covers all small skin problems and provides an instant solution.

Face stick masks

The wide range of Face stick masks meets the needs of all skin type. Each stick is generous et offers up to 20 uses. It is quick, fun and precise to apply. It will leave your skin clean and fresh in 5 minutes

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