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Mediatic Laboratories offer different ranges of treatment products, masks and patches marketed under the brand L’Action Paris.

“We believe in creating beauty moments where our customers feel good.”

L’Action Paris offers three moments to take care of yourself : ONE MINUTE SOLUTION, SPA TIME, and OVERNIGHT SOLUTIONS. Our customers are invited to have an active attitude during those three moments. They will also customize the products to their own needs. “BEAUTY IS NOW !”

We offer quality Beauty Apps made in France at an affordable price easy to use, easy to carry, easy to understand in a few split seconds.


Light, on-the-go, practical!
Our SPA TIME range is an invitation to take care of yourself. Discover our 6 universes of products to take care of both skin and hair.

1min Solution

Quick solution to all skin problems !
The products of the 1min solution range are fast, easy to use and on-the-go solutions to meet all the skin problems!

Overnight Solution

Products for a night use, for a more intense and in-depth care!

To purchase

All our items can be purchased on our website ( EU countries only ). You will be redirected by clicking on any PURCHASE button, visible on all our pages. This website is entirely secured.

Thank you for trusting l’Action Paris.

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